Brazil – Bela Epoca (Espresso Roast)


Brazilian Showcase

Origin Brazil – Alta Mogiana, Sao Paulo
Flavour Syrupy mouthfeel, notes of Vanilla, Almond and Honeycomb sweetness. With a gentle white stone fruit finish.
Varietal Yellow Topaz
Acidity Medium – Low
Body Medium – High
Roast Medium
Brewing Roasted for Espresso


Brazil – Bela Epoca (Espresso Roast)


Tasting Notes – Syrupy mouthfeel, notes of Vanilla, Almond and Honeycomb sweetness. With a gentle white stone fruit finish.

Roasters thoughts: “If you’re after an Espresso with that sticky mouthfeel, this is for you. Representing a high-class flavour profile this is a crowd pleaser”

Andre da Cunha, his brother Luis Claudio and sister Silvia, now run the farm together. They’re located in the Alta Mogiana region, São Paulo state, on a well-defined micro-climate ideal for coffee growing. They’ve recently expanded the coffee production to areas reaching altitudes of 1300 m.

Part of the farm is solely dedicated to growing Organic coffee. The organic plot sits on a naturally shaded area. This results in a delay of ripening, which allows cherries to develop more sugars and flavours. The whole organic production is tracked and certified by IBD – Orgânico Brasil.

For more than 20 years, the Cunha brothers have been working in alliance with the Agronomic Institute of Campinas (IAC) and Procafe Foundation to improve quality. This partnership resulted in experimental fields where coffee plants are analysed and selected based on productivity, uniform maturation, longevity and taste. All seeds and seedlings are produced in nurseries at the farm, assuring excellence is achieved in all stages.


We hope you enjoy this one!

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Additional information

480g, 1kg

Beans Options

Whole Beans, Ground – Espresso, Ground – Filter/Pour Over, Ground – French Press, Ground – Stovetop

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Linda Gangemi
Always a good drop

Whenever I change my coffee beans to Brazil, I receive great comments on the taste and after notes. Really pleased I have found a keeper!

Trish. M
"BRAZIL" Bela Epoca...

Really love this Coffee, I love that I can taste all the flavours throughout.
I will definitely recommend this to any coffee lover! Love that I can buy great coffee locally...Say "no" to supermarket beans!

I think we need more Trish's in this world. People, be like Trish!

Nancy Cauduro
Really loving this coffee

We have really been enjoying this coffee. We have tried some other origins and blends and have settled on this one. We like the flavours and it suits our machine. It has a lovely crema too. Really glad to have found this.

Nancy you've been a pleasure to deal with and we're super happy you're enjoying the coffees so much. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!!!

Andrew and Natalie
Very personable!

Brendon made us feel confident in our coffee choice! This is our new favourite! Tips on how to get the perfect brew were also super helpful!

Delicious and smooth.
Smooth and delicious

We are really happy with the Brazil blend. Smooth, with low acidity. Perfect for a long black or latte 😋