Brazil – Ipê Amarelo (ESPRESSO ROAST)


Origin Alta Mogiana, Cerrado, Mineiro & Sul de Minas
Flavour Super sweet coffee, with a buttery mouthfeel. Milk Chocolate, hazelnut, and shortbread up front with a gentle yellow fruit finish.
Varietal Yellow Bourbon
Acidity Medium – Low
Body Syrupy
Roast Medium – Dark
Brewing Roasted for specifically Espresso. Tasting great as a Stovetop as well.



Tasting Notes – Super sweet coffee, with a buttery mouthfeel. Milk Chocolate, hazelnut, and shortbread up front with a gentle yellow fruit finish.


Roasters Thoughts:

“A staple to our offering list is always a solid Brazilian coffee that’s easy drinking, non offensive and just plain good. This ticks all those boxes and if you find yourself not sure what to pick, this is a great place to start.”


Farm Information:

Ipê Amarelo is a deciduous tree native to Brazil that drops its leaves before erupting with brilliant clusters of yellow, trumpet-like flowers at the outset of Winter, a reminder to farmers throughout the southern coffee lands that the coffee flowering season is about to commence. The exuberant display of gold across a sea of green coffee trees under a blue winter sky paints a striking vision of the Brazilian flag – a spectacle that has earned the Ipê Amarelo a treasured place in the nation’s heart. The yellow bourbon coffee variety shares this stirring imagery when its clusters of cherries turn yellow when ripe against the leafy green and clear blue sky backdrop. The variety is believed to be a natural mutation between red bourbon and Botucatu yellow, discovered in 1930 outside Pederneiras, Sao Paulo. When carefully cultivated in favourable conditions, the variety has a good reputation for intense aroma, elevated sweetness and bright citric acidity. Our Ipê Amarelo selection of yellow bourbon hails from collectives of growers across 3 very special and distinct coffee regions: Alta Mogiana, Cerrado Mineiro and Sul de Minas. A combination of mechanical and hand harvesting has been employed as the varied landscapes and uniformity of ripening best allows. Day lots have been sorted and floated to remove less dense and damaged fruit before being placed on patios to
dry evenly to ideal moisture levels. All lots have been assessed to meet strict physical
and sensory quality standards before being allowed a place in the Ipê Amarelo Yellow Bourbon blend

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

480g, 1kg

Beans Options

Whole Beans, Ground – Espresso, Ground – Filter/Pour Over, Ground – French Press, Ground – Stovetop

Customer Reviews

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My new favourite!

Definitely my new favourite since the unfortunate loss of the Pedro Gabarra.

Rich, luscious and deliciously sweet and balanced espresso!