Brazil – Pedro Gabarra – Santo Antonio Peaberry (Espresso Roast)


Origin Brazil – Minas Gerais, Campo das Vertentes – Santo Antonio Farm
Flavour Very sweet and creamy mouthfeel, with notes of milk chocolate, caramel and vanilla.
Varietal Yellow Catucai – Peaberry
Acidity Medium-Low
Body Medium-High
Roast Medium
Brewing Roasted for Espresso – Pairs beautifully with Milk or Black

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Tasting Notes – Very sweet and creamy mouthfeel, with notes of milk chocolate, caramel and vanilla.

Roasters thoughts: “Another delicious peaberry, you seriously can’t go wrong with these coffees”

Pedro Gabarra, Joao Newton’s son, is the 5th generation of coffee growers in his family. Coffee is more than a business, coffee is a passion for the family. The care for the environment is a paramount at the farm and it is recognized by the certifications they carry. In 2019 they were awarded the most sustainable farm in Brazil.

“The black market trade for exotic animals in Brazil is only behind drugs and weapons in terms of money involved, and 82 per cent of seized fauna are birds,” Marcelo says. “Brazil has the second highest bird diversity in the world, but with 175 threatened species, it comes first in that category. When captive birds are seized by the government, Wings takes care of them until they’re ready to be released back to nature.”

We were fortunate enough to have the time to have a good old chat with Pedro, he’s a friend of our roastery and we’ve been supporting his great work since we launched our roasting operations. Each and every year Pedro sends us amazing coffees that are just consistently great. We can’t speak highly enough of him. If you’ve got time, head over to our Instagram and listen to the chat, he directly speaks about this coffee and what was involved in the processing methods to get the flavour profile that you will soon see in your cup!



Peaberry’s are a strong favorite here at Bonacci Coffee, the have this awesome creamy mouthfeel characteristic that I don’t think anyone could be disappointed with.

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