Bruer Cold Brew System


Bruer Cold Brew System


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The Bruer Cold Brew System utilises a clean and functional design, while maintaining the quality of the brewing process, and ultimately the end product. The benefit of a good cold brew is that it’s full-flavoured, smooth and silky. Cold brewed coffee has much less acidity and bitterness which makes it perfect for iced coffee drinks.  

The process is quite visually appealing – the Cold Bruer has 3 levels: the water, the coffee grounds and the coffee collection chamber.  Water slowly drips down the water chamber and into the coffee chamber, slowly saturating the coffee grounds and continuing through to the coffee carafe.  The total slow drip process can take anywhere from 3-12 hours depending on the drip rate selected.  

The beauty of the Cold Bruer is that it’s practical and reasonably priced, making cold brewed coffee easy to obtain!

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