Burundi – Inyambo (FILTER ROAST)


Origin Burundi – Ngozi Province
Flavour A juicy sweet cup with notes of black tea, peaches, and chocolate. Delicate floral jasmine notes linger in the finish.
Varietal Red Bourbon
Acidity Medium
Body Tea Like
Roast Light
Brewing Roasted for specifically for Filter. V60, Aeropress, Frenchpress etc


Burundi – Inyambo (FILTER ROAST)


Inyambo coffee comes from the Nzove washing station in the Ngozi Province, an area with magnificently fertile soil which resulted in the people of the area farming and utilizing the earth without permission from the government.

In response and to claim back order and control over this land, the government decided to have a coffee washing station constructed and had the project put under the control and management of a man by the name of Mauricedes in the hopes that order and farming regulations could be restored to the region. The name of Nzove originates from the name “inzovu” which is Kirundi for elephant. 

All farmers that the washing station supports are trained in accordance with G.A.P. principles which is Good Agricultural Practices. They are trained with a focus on: Farm management, coffee tree pruning, fertilization, impacts of climate change, avoiding soil erosion, water management, river protection, other waste management, and mulching. With the help of the credit and saving association, the farmers have been taught to take small and manageable loans to expand their business. The group actively teaches farmers about work regarding child labor. They do however encourage training the farmers to teach their kids about the practice of coffee farming in a safe environment supervised by parents.

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480g, 1kg

Beans Options

Whole Beans, Ground – Espresso, Ground – Filter/Pour Over, Ground – French Press, Ground – Stovetop