Burundi – Kanayza (Filter Roast)


Exotic Series

Origin Burundi – Kabarore, Kanayza – Ruhinga Washing Station
Flavour Balanced, blood plums, cola with a super sweet lemonade acidity on the finish.
Varietal Bourbon, Jackson, Mibirizi
Acidity Medium
Body Medium
Roast Medium – Light
Brewing Roasted for Filter Methods – V60, Aeropress, Batchbrew, French Press


Whole Beans
Ground - Espresso
Ground - Filter/Pour Over
Ground - French Press
Ground - Stovetop
Burundi – Kanayza (Filter Roast)

Tasting Notes – Bright and juicy with blood plums and cola. Sweet with a lemonade acidity on the finish.

Roasters thoughts: “Superb coffee from Burundi, showcasing some heavy fruitiness coupled with superb sweetness. Such a clean and crispy cup!”

Due to the small size and yield on the average coffee farm or plot, washing stations are the primary point of purchase in Burundi. Unlike other coffee-growing regions in Central and South America where landholdings are slightly larger and coffee-centric resources are more available, most producers do not have space on their property or the financial means to do their wet- or dry-milling. Instead, the majority of growers deliver cherry to a facility that does sorting, blending, and post-harvest processing of day lots to create different offerings.

The logistics of buying coffees from Burundi are extremely challenging, we love the heavy figgy, fruity, and lively coffees we find here—they remind us like a Malbec, with a firm support of acidity.

When we are selecting candidates to enter our exotic filter series the criteria is simple, we need a coffee that’s going to impress people and that’s what this is doing. We think you’ll find the sweetness of this coffee quite pleasant especially when you have those notes of plums and cola coming thru. It’s a very intriguing coffee and we’re super happy to be able to offer it to the Bonacci Coffee family!

We hope you enjoy this one!

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480g, 1kg

Beans Options

Whole Beans, Ground – Espresso, Ground – Filter/Pour Over, Ground – French Press, Ground – Stovetop