Colombia – Elber Trujillo – Filter Roast


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This amazing coffee is part of our Exotic Series of coffees. Once these beans hit your grinder, the room will fill with complex aromas leaving you

absolutely speechless.


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Colombia Elber Trujillo – Filter Roast

Country – Colombia
Region – La Plata, Huilia
Cultivar – Tabi
Processing Method – Washed Process
Elevation – 1800 – 2000 metres above sea level

Tasting Notes –

Clean sweet body, notes of nutmeg, chocolate and pleasant honey like finish. There is also a complex
orange tart acidity.
Preparation – Roasted for Filter

Produced by Elber at Finca El Diviso. This coffee is de-pulped 10 hours after harvested, exposed to a dry fermentation of 20 hours and sun-dried slowly on concrete patios to the ideal moisture content.

This particular microdot is 100% Tabi Varietal. This is a new varietal developed by “Federation Nacional de Cafeterias”. This unique varietal is a cross between Timor hybrid, Bourbon and Typica. The word Tabi means good in the Guambiano dialect.

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