Colombia – Rafael Amaya (Filter Roast)


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This amazing coffee is part of our Exotic Series of coffees. Once these beans hit your grinder, the room will fill with complex aromas leaving you

absolutely speechless.


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Colombia – Rafael Amaya (Filter Roast)

Country – Colombia
Region – Timana, Huila
Cultivar – 100% Variedad Colombia
Processing Method – Extended Fermentation 140 hours – 180 hours
Elevation – 1800 – 2000 metres above sea level

Tasting Notes –

Clean sweet body, notes of watermelon, panela and a pleasant orange zest like finish.
Preparation – Roasted for Filter

Produced by Rafael Amaya and his son at Finca La Montana. This microlot coffee was exposed to a long anaerobic fermentation for 85 hours at 15 degrees celsius before being pulped and fermented for a further 90 additional hours. The coffee is then transferred to raised beds where it drys out to it’s ideal moisture content.

This microlot is 100% Variedad Colombia. This varietal was developed by the FNC after a leaf rust spread in Colombia. Variedad has a high yield and it is resistant to future leaf rust outbreaks.

Rafael Amaya’s farm is located in Timana, Huila. 18km away from Pitalito, where most of the best coffees and microlots from Colombia are produced.

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