Colombia – Wilder Lasso – Natural Anaerobic Gesha (FILTER ROAST)

Jasmine · Starfruit · Cola


Colombia – Wilder Lasso – Natural Anaerobic Gesha (FILTER ROAST)

A mind-blowing Natural Anaerobic Gesha from Colombia

  • Limited release
  • Scoring 89.25 points
  • Natural Anaerobic processing
  • Tastes like Black Tea & Jasmine, Candied Starfruit & Distinct Gingerbread

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Tasting Notes: Wowee, this is tasting outrageous. Imagine a coffee that tastes like Black Tea with a hint of Jasmine, with a pronounced gingerbread flavour. Finishing with a soft tropical acidity.

The coffee world is obsessed with Gesha coffees and when you taste this you’ll understand why.

What is Gesha and why does it cost so much?

Gesha is a low-yielding coffee varietal that was discovered in Ethiopia in the early 1930’s. It was then brought to Central America where it was isolated and grown with extra care, most Gesha coffee’s exhibit exotic flavours like Jasmine and Sweet Stonefruits which are quite distinct. Due to these distinct and desirable flavors they are generally sold at Auctions where prices are driven thru the roof as roasters battle it out to get them on their offerings list.

This exciting lot is a Natural Anaerobic processed Gesha from the San Adolfo hills in the well renowned growing region of Huila. The Anaerobic processing only intensifies the already incredible flavours we get from a Gesha so expect to be blown away!

Oh and did we mention, there’s only a very small amount available and once it’s sold out, it’s gone.

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