Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – Konga Sede
Country – Ethiopia
Region – Yirgacheffe – Konga Sede
Cultivar – Ethiopian Heirlooms
Processing Method – Natural
Elevation – 1780-1870 meters above sea level

Tasting Notes –
Tropical punch, raspberry, papaya, pineapple, nectar, heavy sugars. There actually isn’t enough space on this page to describe the amount of complexity this coffee is offering. Once you grind this coffee the aroma will fill the room with an incredibly sweet and tropical smell. Absolutely what specialty coffee is all about.

Preparation – Suits filter and black coffee, whilst thru Milk you will get super sweetness!

This coffee comes from our Sede Washing Station partner in Konga, which is in the Kebele or village, of Sede, in the Yirgacheffe district. Konga is about 4 kilometers south of the town of Yirgacheffe. We’ve always liked the Konga microregion of Yirgacheffe for both its strong citrus and supportive stone-fruit flavors of peach and apricot, and when this is combined with processing as a Natural, the result is dried cherry, cranberry, and lemonade-like acidity.

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