Guatemala – El Vergal (ESPRESSO ROAST)


Origin Guatemala – El Vergal, San Marcos
Flavour Super Clean, medium body with notes of shortbread, malt, honey and a dried strawberry lingering sweetness. We’re also getting some floral notes in the aroma.
Varietal Catuai & Bourbon
Acidity Medium
Body Medium
Roast Medium
Brewing Roasted specifically for Espresso. You could brew a tasty Aeropress or punchy French press with this too!



El Vergal is three family owned farms that share borders in San Marcos, Guatemala. A former 8th place Cup of Excellence coffee with a score of 89.48, El Vergal is consistently exceptional coffee from this very special region. The name El Vergal means “The Orchard”. The farms are spread around a high mountainside nestled amongst volcanoes and covered in lush greenery. Clouds often cover the farms due to the elevation of the farms, so walking the farm is often like being in a thin mist of fog. The farms also share an incredible waterfall which is an enjoyable yet challenging one hour hike into the bush. The water from this waterfall is also used to process the coffee during the washing and fermentation stages.

Organic Fertilisers:

Using the pulped coffee cherry, natural waste, and manure from the farms and animals kept on the farm (Cows, chicken & sheep), the families create their own organic compost, used for fertilizing the coffee crop. Using a four step, 6 week process, the waste is piled up and tuned regularly, naturally creating heat which eventually becomes healthy for the coffee trees. The coffee trees are planted 1 meter apart and leaf rust resistant varietals are planted between non resistant varietals to stop any potential spread of La Roya (Leaf rust). This also means there are no chemicals or pesticides used to keep the coffee safe. Due to the elevation, pests are not an issue.

Organic fertilizer is cheaper and easier it also relates back to cultural practices. It is more likely they will produce better harvests with organic fertilizers as they can apply it correctly and creat it cheaply and easily. The fertilizer also adds minerals to the soil.


The coffee is processed on the farms using mechanical pulpers. It is fermented in barrels for 24 hours and then poured onto the raised beds for sun drying.

Farm Management:

On top of fertilizer, the farmers are multiplying natural organisms which help bring the soil back to life. These microorganisms also help the cherries to mature at an even pace so they ripen at the same time. This also keeps the density of the beans high. By increasing the soil quality the cherries have more nutrients to draw up, increasing the density.

Every 4 years the trees are pruned and cut, then every 12 years they are replanted from seedlings.


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

480g, 1kg

Beans Options

Whole Beans, Ground – Espresso, Ground – Filter/Pour Over, Ground – French Press, Ground – Stovetop

Customer Reviews

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Scott Waudby
I have found a great single origin espresso roast!

I have recently started using single-origin beans for my espresso. After trying a few roasts, I found Bonacci and I love their SO espresso roasts, especially this one!

Nice taste espresso

Bright taste with sweetness, clean body, very nice.

Another brilliant single origin to add to your collection...

Produces a really clean espresso with little bitterness. Slight malty sweetness to it as well. Not as full bodied as the Brazilian's but one I'll definitely get again.

Great espresso!

My first try of their beans, and this one is great. Didn’t take too long to dial in, and has been producing great espresso ever since. Highly recommend these beans, and I’ll need to try some of their other offerings.

Excellent coffee

I bought two different types of whole beans and I have to say they surpassed my expectations. Best beans I've bought by far.