The Little Guy Espresso Maker


The Little Guy is an award-winning premium espresso system for home use. The quality of the espresso shots and the milk texture equal or better any machine in the world, commercial machines included. The Little Guy has no moving parts, ensuring near zero servicing and perfect performance for the rest of your life.

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The Little Guy Espresso Maker is the ideal espresso system for home users who want professional quality. The Little Guy extracts caf? quality espresso shots and textures milk perfectly. The Home Barista Kit comes packaged in a beautiful presentation carry case with all you need to start brewing immediately. Included in the package are an instructional DVD and a quick start guide to help you achieve espresso perfection! 

This home barista kit includes:

* ‘The Little Guy’ stainless steel espresso maker
* 51mm coffee basket for professional espresso grind
* 51mm coffee basket for store bought espresso grind
* Stainless steel coffee jug
* Stainless steel milk jug
* Nylon coffee tamper
* Silicon mat
* Two Italian latte glasses
* Instructional DVD
* Quick start guide

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