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The two things we care about is how good our coffee tastes and how happy our customers are. Everything else takes care of itself.

Wholesale Coffee Bean Suppliers in Australia

Our goal is to continually supply only the highest quality coffee’s from around the world to our Melbourne partners. Our customers deserve nothing less and we are obsessed with developing the perfect cup of coffee. This philosophy has seen us win awards in the world’s biggest coffee roasting championship, taking home 2 Silver medals in 2017. We’ve perfected the art of coffee roasting and how we’re perfected the wholesale supply of coffee.

Golden Bean – Milk and Espresso based categories. These are regarded as the two most difficult and highly competitive categories in a competition comprised of over 1700 entries from coffee roasters around the world. It’s quite safe to say we’re certainly proud of our achievements but are happier to get the acknowledgment from our peers proving we’re on the right track. Have you thought about choosing the best coffee from a Melbourne wholesale supplier?

We are also constantly adding super fresh and super tasty seasonal coffees to our offerings list as they land in the country. This is our favourite part of coffee, seeing how incredible some of these coffee’s taste and giving credit to the farmers we deal with. When sourcing our coffee’s, we make sure that we have a direct line of contact to the farmers thru our Australian importers, this has seen us create awesome relationships with the people who are doing the real hard work at origin. It’s our job and your job to make sure their coffee’s shine and preach to the consumers that every cup they purchase is going straight back to these people who need the support the most.

If you would like to know more about what we have to offer don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we will arrange a tasting session to show you how amazing our coffees really are. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page, drop us a line and we’d love to get in touch to help you out. We are the preferred wholesale coffee suppliers.

More than just good coffee

It's easy to make good coffee but it's hard to get the support you need.

Best Coffee Machines & Equipment Wholesalers

We have a vast knowledge of Coffee Machine equipment, maintenance, water filtration, repairs, and installations. In fact, this is the reason we are here today because our sister company is a Coffee Equipment Sales & Repairs outfit so our knowledge in this field is exceptional.

We know that some cafe’s out there need help to get started and that’s where we come into it! With the contacts and friendships, we have within this industry there isn’t a setup we couldn’t source.

We predominately work with the leading branded coffee machines La Marzocco, San Remo and Synesso. Good quality grinders are arguably more important than a top end coffee machines, we are currently working very closely with Anfim, Victoria Arduino and Mazzer. These pairings will help bring the absolute best out of our coffee and ensure that your customers will always leaving wanting more. If customised coffee machines is your thing, just hit us up because we’ve done plenty of these in the past.

Don’t forget to hit us up for information on a batch brew program to make sure you’re pushing the ever growing filter coffee options. We take some serious pride in this side of the industry, check out some of our coffee’s, we’ve always got some extremely exciting and fresh coffee rotating thru our filter options.


Coffee Roasters, Suppliers and Trainers

Quite often the answer to a poor tasting cup of coffee comes down to the skill of the person behind the coffee machine. We’ve realized that this is a key factor in producing and selling our high-quality coffees to your customers.

We take a lot of pride in sharing our knowledge, in order for our clients to be successful we spend the necessary amount of time training them and their staff so they are consistently serving up world-class coffee. We’ve tailored a specialized and personal training program so we can be confident that the final customer will never be disappointed by an untrained barista.

It doesn’t end there, we also know that in the hospitality industry the turnover of staff may be higher than other comparable industries so we’re happy to continually train new staff until they are producing coffee to the parameters we have set.

Melbourne Coffee Suppliers

We love coffee just as much as you love drinking it. We’d also love to hear from you as your feedback helps us produced the very best speciality coffee we can. Get in touch today to talk about anything from coffee to roasting.

If you feel like you’ve got more personalised questions and would like to get some help or guidance. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back in touch ASAP!

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