Apostle Blend


We’re super excited that this blend managed to win TWO Silver Medals at the 2017 Golden Bean – Australia Competition, this is the worlds largest coffee competition.

One Silver Medal was in the Milk Based category and the other Silver Medal was in the Espresso category. These medals are testament to the diversity of this blend. It highlights that it tastes amazing in both Milk and Espresso. Order some today to try it for yourself!

Apostle Blend
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The Apostle Blend was articulated to be a crowd pleaser, we felt that not all customers wanted complexities and in-depth tasting notes to drown them with information so we decided to offer an exceptional blend of coffees that offered low acidity and non confronting flavours to result in a cup of coffee that would please anyone.

It was created and named after someone that is very dear to our brand, she is sweet, but not sour. Beautiful, but not shy and she is loved by everyone and we feel we have captured that flavour profile in each bag that goes out.

Tasting Notes: You get those solid notes of Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Shortbread Biscuits with every cup. It has a pleasantly big body and coats your mouth with sweetness.

If you’re not sure which coffee to start with, this is the one. As we previously noted, this works superbly with both Milk and Espresso.

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1kg, 250g, 480g

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Ground – Espresso, Ground – Filter/Pour Over, Ground – French Press, Ground – Stovetop, Whole Beans


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