Pilot – Blend

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Origin Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia
Flavour Toffee, Chocolate, Hazelnuts, Berries
Varietal Yellow Catucai, Caturra, Heirloom
Acidity Medium
Body Medium
Roast Medium
Brewing Espresso
Whole Beans
Ground - Espresso
Ground - Filter/Pour Over
Ground - French Press
Ground - Stovetop
Pilot – Blend

Our Most Popular Coffee Blend!

Tasting Notes: Clean, full-bodied coffee. The intense sweetness of toffee, caramel, milk chocolate, and hazelnuts. Followed by a soft berry acidity. As you finish your coffee, gentle flavours of blueberries will leave you with a smile on your face. Specifically designed to perform superbly in Milk based and Espresso beverages.

After constant tasting and bean selection we have nailed this coffee. We are very excited to offer it to our customers. It comprises of carefully selected beans from Africa, South America and Central America. It is a consistent performer and is hands down our most popular coffee. As a result of our careful sourcing protocols this is definitely a coffee that should be high on your priority list.

Preparation – This is a blend that is designed to suit Milk based drinks, it really does shine thru milk. Although this blend peaks through milk it no doubt carries it’s weight as an espresso or long black.

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250g, 480g, 1kg

Beans Options

Whole Beans, Ground – Espresso, Ground – Filter/Pour Over, Ground – French Press, Ground – Stovetop

Customer Reviews

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Stacey Carnovale

Ive tried many coffee brands all over Melbourne and love supirting local brews! I was changing it up every coupke of months and ordering and trying different brands but i keep coming back to Bonacci! Its smooth chocolately blend is jyst my perfect roast! Im constantly complimented on coffee drom friends and visitors!

Adnan Fetai

Great coffee, what an amazing Blend. Definitely recommend it!!

Kirsty Shields

I am obsessed with this blend! Highly recommend.

Awesome blend!

Highly recommended! Great all round coffee, goes great in my Aeropress as a long black, also love it with almond milk it really brings out the nut and caramel flavour. Thanks Brendan!

Thanks mate! Rapt you're enjoying the coffee!

What a blend - my new favourite!

I thought the Apostle was my favourite until I tried the Pilot. Even though the description indicates it is better for milk based coffee, I'm loving it as an espresso where the balance is perfect (for my tastes anyway). Definitely my regular now.

Just a sneaky note in the roastery here. Pilot is our favorite blend too. But don't tell anyone :)